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My Favorite Teacher
Have you ever had trouble with something? It could be writing a five-hundred-word essay, or paying your taxes, or maybe even riding a bike. You are not born knowing how to do everything. That is why we have teachers. Teachers help us learn and give us the tools to go out into the real world and have a successful career. I have had a lot of great teachers, but one in particular stands out to me. My favorite teacher is my vocal teacher, Dave Fuller.

Dave has been my teacher for almost a year now, and he has really helped my voice and acting flourish. He makes sure that I understand what I’m doing and how to do it. Before he was my teacher, I had no clue how to read notes and sing the right way. Now, I can read sheet music, sing without straining my voice, and stay on key. I was also able to explore new musicals and broaden the music I listen to. In conclusion, Dave has helped me out a lot and I love having him as my teacher.
-Nora - 3/2018

Mr. Fuller is an extraordinary teacher. I improved with him more than any other vocal teacher that I had. He challenges you and once you become ready, he becomes extremely specific about the smallest details in the music, which helps you sing the piece perfectly. Mr. Fuller gives a plethora of different music style choices such as jazz, pop, musical theatre and even opera. He is very diverse in not only in styles of music but in different languages. I learned how to sing in Italian and German in about a month with his incredible help and mentoring. He gives a lot of feedback and tips and is kind all the time. I would recommend Mr. Fuller to any person who enjoys music and wants to progress in their vocal talent.
-Becca - 1/2018

Several years ago, I noticed a distinct improvement in the vocal technique of a couple of our Singing Angels during solo auditions. When I asked them if they were taking voice lessons, they said they were, and that their teacher was David Fuller.

I now enthusiastically recommend David as a voice instructor for our kids when parents inquire. He has a knack for expressing solid classical techniques in a style able to be digested and utilized by teenagers interested in Broadway and pop repertoire.
Charles Eversole - The Singing Angels - 7/25/2014

I studied with Mr. Fuller for nearly 7 years throughout middle school and high school. During that time, he helped me to discover and develop my own, unique voice. His guidance in my younger years was invaluable; he helped me to learn and perfect repertoire appropriate for my age and progressive to my vocal development-- this included various Celtic songs and Classic Broadway pieces. I must cite particularly his method of teaching proper diction for singers as a vital aspect in my technique (Many times in shows, people have complimented me on my crisp, intelligible diction. This was one of the many techniques Mr. Fuller taught me: using consonants to propel the vowel and add vibrancy to the tone; this makes a performance much more polished, and this has made me very successful in auditions for roles in Classic Broadway and Operatic productions).

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In more recent years, as my voice matured, Mr. Fuller also worked with me more specifically on operatic repertoire suitable to a young lyric coloratura.It is due entirely to his tutelage that I was accepted into and given scholarships from all the music schools to which I applied, including the Cleveland Institute of Music and the Hugh A. Glauser School of Music at Kent State University. Currently I am a Vocal Performance major at KSU, and am fully aware, and eternally grateful for the proper and healthy technique, as well as true love of opera and of all music, that Mr. Fuller has fostered and taught in my past seven years with him. I give him the highest recommendation, and hope that many more students will choose to reap the infinite benefits of his immense knowledge and expertise in teaching.
Rosemary - 8/30/2011

It's a delight to know that the youth of NE Ohio have David's expertise to guide them; he has helped many now-professional performers gain early footing in their craft. David has always been most interested in offering quality instruction at a reasonable rate to talented vocalists. Geauga County is lucky to have an instructor of David's caliber right in their own backyard!
Stacy - 5/9/2011

David and I met as members of WHDH-TV's "The Greater Bostonians," a chorus and orchestra composed of high school students from the metropolitan Boston area. Although I have not had the opportunity to sing or otherwise perform with David since, I now know him to be a dedicated teacher who cares deeply about his students, even after they have moved onto the next step in their careers. In fact, because I have lived and worked in NYC as a professional singer/actor for more than 25 years, David has often asked me to counsel those students who have decided to pursue a similar career path. (By the way, I also remember David being an exceptionally gifted singer himself!)
Paul - 4/14/2011

Mr. Fuller was my daughter Meghan's vocal music instructor throughout middle school and high school. He was the first of her vocal coaches, an instrumental component in her being accepted to the Tisch School at NYU as a musical theater student and being chosen for an A Capella choir at same. From the beginning it was clear that Mr. Fuller is a dedicated professional and instills that character in his students. I personally loved the recitals - the showcase of each and every students success and the chance to be witness to their growth, development and achievements. Thank you Mr. Fuller for all your hard work and attention to your students.
Mariann - 9/25/2010

Prior to attending college, I practiced voice with Mr. Fuller for 6 years during middle and high school. He helped me to hone my skills as a singer technically, mentally, and stylistically, and it is because of him that I have had so much success with my music over the past few years. He is always positive, always supportive, and always willing to go the extra step to ensure that the student is receiving the most they can out of lessons. He is knowledgeable and enthusiastic and has the ability to truly transform and mold a voice. He is open-minded and works with a variety of different vocal types, allowing each student to find their niche for singing, while also helping them to maintain a healthy, sustainable sound. It has been my privilege to practice with Mr. Fuller and I would recommend him fully and completely. It will be one of the best investments you make for your performance career.
Meghan - 4/17/2010

David was my voice teacher for about 6 years. He is a wonderful, positive, energetic teacher. He is extremely knowledgeable and supportive. He allows students to sing any genre they wish and will also give students pieces he believes suits their voices best. 
Julia - 12/31/2009

David was my second voice teacher out of the three I've had thus far. As his student,I learned the value of protecting my voice in order to keep my career going for longer than 3 years. His lessons proved to be a fantastic classical foundation that has helped me to smoothly transition between various vocal styles that has not only been invaluable in college settings, but after words in my professional career as a singer/actor in New York City. His endless knowledge of the voice provided the tools needed to create music, interpretation, and performance that exceeds the competition. Davids Teaching styles are most certainly applicable to all levels of the voice and I highly recommend him to anyone who wishes to gain a better understanding of their voice, singing, or simply have a little bit of fun while learning to sing.
Steve - 1/12/2009

Dear Mr. Fuller, Thank you so much for helping me to enoy music so much. You were always a very positive teacher, and I enjoyed our time together. My vocal coaches here in LA were impressed with the techniques you have instilled in me. I wish you continued success with your private practice.
Jami - 1/10/2009

Mr Fuller is an expert on teaching good vocal health and skill for the beginning singer. His emphasis on classical technique will allow flexibility of style and continuity in performance. He also assists the singer in a good base knowledge of the vocal mechanism which can be extremely helpful and necessary for anyone who wishes to pursue voice professionally! I studied with him for several years and his amazing teaching has allowed me to transition easily between styles, teachers and range. I give him a very high recommendation; my experience with him was invaluable.




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